August 25, 2014. Latest news.

Went to the Doc on Aug 22nd.  Foot has been pretty well perfect since after the last appointment and before the CT.  Was ready to call off this whole investigation, as I seem back to 100%.  In that there has been no pain.

Turns out the CT found something.  The stress fracture was more of an actual fracture; the CT showed a 2mm x 6mm piece of bone splintered off the cuboid bone and had been swimming around in the space between that bone and the one in front of it.  Belief is that is has now settled beside, adsorbed onto, and fused to its source.

Doc has made an appointment with a specialist, just to discuss long-term effects.  As I don’t think there’s any sense in trying surgery.

Bought a bike on August 13th.  Going to transition to riding.  What that means for ZeroToRun, I’m not sure yet.  I’ll still go walking, but if I return to running…?




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