November 29th, 2014 – foot update.

It has been a while since we last talked.

The specialist appointment with Dr. M was supposed to be October 28th; a scheduled audit at work forced me to move that appointment, to this past Tuesday November 25th as it turned out.

Once I found Dr. M’s office (they moved to a new building two blocks away after I talked to them in September, and they didn’t call to update their address) things went just fine.  We went through my X-rays, bone scan, and CT results.  A piece of the cuboid bone, more than just a 2mm x 6mm fragment, had broken off.  Tip of an iceberg, in a way.  But it sat in an anatomically-correct position, so Dr. M figured it would (or has) migrate(d) back to the bone and calcify over.

Long and the short, no long-term effects to worry about; chance of recurrence is near-zero (yet always possible); and that I can run again if I want.

Might try to walk on a regular basis again in December, get back up to physical-ready shape, and try a slow on-ramp to running again in January of 2015.




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