Little 4k, 2 of 2

Thursday June 4, 2015.

Yeah, did not hear the audio cue from the Garmin GPS watch to stop at the end of the 2nd-last 500m interval and walk the 150m; so I ended up running 500m-150m-500m with an awkward 3-5m walk at the start of the last 500m.

21 min 21 sec total running time thru all intervals…probably a 20-min bloc is what I’m after to train towards for the 12-Minute Run.  Train 20 to run 12.  Begin with [3 min run / 1 min walk] intervals and progress up.  Even if I could get to a point where I’m doing [6 min / 1 min] x3 rounds for ~18min total, and then when I do the 12-min Run I could skip the 1 min walk and do 6 + 6…



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