February 22, 2016 – 5.5 km

11th run of the year.  And on the day after my 40th birthday.  Somewhere on this blog I’m sure I posted the run I did on my 37th birthday.

This particular run was terrible.  I had to stop several times, which has not happened in quite a long time.  Whether the combination of a daytime/morning run (which I don’t normally do), not much energy in me (not unusual), or just the fact I wasn’t in a focused head-space on account of dwelling on the 5k in two weeks, this was not a success.

The numbers tell a different story, but these numbers :

…are just a bit skewed.  5:15 is a faster pace than usual, which this certainly didn’t feel like.  And the time listed does not include the breaks; I paused the Garmin for those, and there were at least 6-8 times, sometimes only 200m apart, when I had to stop and collect myself.  The total distance is correct.  I didn’t walk as I rested.

The raw data looks like this :

Starting “Lap 3” at 8:54am, plus 29 minutes, brings us to 9:23am.  Lap 4 started immediately once Lap 3 was done, at 9:30am, meaning there was 7 minutes of rest to be factored in.

Unfortunate thing is, I do need to do another 5.5km morning run, probably Sunday Feb 28th, to emulate the time and conditions of the March 6 5k race.  Breakfast is something to plan.



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