February 28, 2016 – 5.5 km

13th run of the year.  (un)Lucky 13th.  This was a run done to emulate next Sunday’s 5k; I woke early and was out on the road around 9am, not far off from what will be the actual starting time.

The run itself was not great; crapped out around the 3k mark again, and there are four or five walking sessions in here, and the last 500m interval (5km interval followed by 500m interval, so as to estimate 5k time) but these breaks were walks and not static pauses.

As a dry-run there was some good take-aways from it; I wore compression-pants to stay warm but there was a claustrophobic effect (not unlike the weighted run from this past week) so I’m not going to wear them next Sunday.  Need to eat a bit more before I go, maybe dose with a supplement drink, and take minimum keys.  My car keys were in a zippered pocket and bounced all over the place.  Also, ran without any music.  And it was morning.  I don’t seem to like mornings.

Unfortunately the 5k is really messing with my head.  The desire to do well, even in something with no intrinsic value beyond what I invest in it, is messing me up.  It is a positive to see that frequent, short breaks late in the game are not fatal to my overall time.  And it may be that having people on the course gives me markers and motivation.

What is interesting is a comparison to the Feb 16th run I did, also a 5k but a 5k run done at night and done without any pauses :

The run today, with slow-downs, is about 0.5 seconds off the complete run from the 16th.

That baffles me.

And makes me wonder if I should program rest breaks into the Garmin for next Sunday.




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