MEC Langley Race 1 – Langley City 5k

This was run on Sunday March 6, 2016.

Have been anxious about this one for a couple weeks now; worse in the days leading up to it.  Went for a simulation run last Sunday (here) and it didn’t turn out so well.  I don’t run mornings so it’s an adjustment I will have to make for future events.

This race was under indecisive weather; it was cold and windy and pelting rain up until almost the start (10k went at 9:00, and 5k left at 9:15) and then it was just grey and on the chilly side.  Which, actually, isn’t bad conditions under which to run.  Just hurt to discover that the clockwise route I was expecting was, in fact, a counterclockwise route.

Which is not significant unless you know the route.  203rd street south from 53rd avenue is one long, gradual uphill.  Not a bad one, wouldn’t rank against the stretch of 208th street from 96th avenue south to the Freeway, but still a hill in the last 2km.

Because...ASCII ?

Because…ASCII ?

Stayed running all the way to the corner of 53rd avenue and 204th street, where I walked the length of the water station, then found myself needing 6-8 more brisk walking breaks between there and about 200m out from the finish line.  Nerves were really draining me, something I’ll have to work at in future.

That said, happy enough with the outcome.  Here’s what the Garmin GPS said :

My official time was 28:45, as shown here :

21st out of 45 male 5k runners.

There were 86 women running the 5k as well, and 28:45 would have put me in 16th place on that side.

So of (45+86) 131 competitors, I came in 36th overall.

First officially-timed race !  Now to train for the next one.



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