MEC Langley Race 3 – Runway 5k

This was run on Sunday July 10, 2016.

Felt pretty good going into this one.  Some pre-race nerves, to be expected; and I made a full-dose, two-scoop, 400-mL ON Amino drink, only to manage perhaps 150mls of it in the hour before race time.  And two PURPLE K tabs about 45 mins before.  Didn’t bring my iPod, not sure if they were ‘allowed’, but others had them so it’s something to remember for Race 4.

Weather was just about perfect; breezy, overcast, warm enough but slightly chill.  Odd for July, but it was also early.  10k left at 8am, 5k went at 8:15.  Perfectly level course, a long loop for the 10’s and a cutback at the 2.5 mark for the 5’s.

This is the first time MEC has done the ‘Abbotsford Runway 5/10k’ but it seemed well-organized.

Very happy with my outcome.  Only walked briefly, 2-3 times for 15-20 sec each, in around the 4km range.  Passed a lot of people, only passed by 3-4 others in the 5k set.

Garmin GPS data said this :

Recorded short 250m intervals to get a sense of my progress over time.

My official time was 27:10, as shown here :

…putting me in the middle of the pack for the Mens’ group.  Womens’ results :

So of (16+40) 56 competitors, I came in 17th overall.

Very pleased.  Next 5k, in October.




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