MEC Langley Race 5 – Williams Park 5k

This was run on Saturday November 12, 2016.  Why a Saturday ?

Windy, light spitting rainy day.  Lot of people running this one.  There’s a long hill in the first kilometer with an equally long descent, then a lot of flats.  Two dips, down to bridges over the Salmon River and then back up to level.  Then the last 500m was trail and grass/mud (very slick and mucky) and a steep STEEP uphill in the last 100m, with a sharp left and then a sprint to the finish line.

Framed, with a GREY background !

Framed, with a GREY background !

For some reason I was all nerves before this race, and I felt it in the first k.  Made it to about the halfway mark before I started rest intervals.  This did not feel very successful.  And with back problems last week I didn’t do a run since that weighted 1.6k on Nov 3.

But once again, MEC organized a really good race, there was a lot of snacks available afterwards and some free schwag, and they did well to get everyone checked in (there was no pre-pickup at the store).

So Race 4 was short by about 200m, this one went over by about 75m.

Under 29:00, that’s something.  Knew afterwards it wasn’t going to be a PR.  Endurance needs to be something I work on…

Looking at the official numbers … I ran a 28:26 for what they claim to be a 5:41 pace.  This puts me 12th place of 23 on the mens’ side :

This was a very strong field of runners this time out.  Even if I had pushed a PR, I’d only have moved up four rankings overall.

There were 65 women in the race :

Then of (23+65) 88 competitors, I came in 26th overall.

And it looks like MEC’s 2017 run series has ten (10) events !  Cool.



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