500/500 Session 2 of 2

Tuesday January 7, 2014.  Happy New Year and all that.

A new year but the same Phase One program.  Ten days since I went out last.  Really should have stretched in that time.  Didn’t feel sore during the run; in fact I felt pretty good.  Just so happened that at the halfway point of Lap 5, the last 500m of the session, something went very bad in my right foot.  Sharp pain running down the middle of the sole of that foot, feels like the bone is split.  Writing this on Jan 8th, and today wasn’t any kind of fun.  Have I started 2014 with a setback ?  That would suck if I did…

I’ve loosely resolved to be more positive in my outlook on life this year, so let’s get to positives.  Hit a 3:15-min/km moment in the first Lap, and all these laps were sub-5:00.  The foot pain is a magnification of an existing issue (need to replace my work shoes; they’re giving me some hurt) so it didn’t come from form or the VFF’s.  And I went out on a dark and cold and rainy night (new compression wear, and vis-vest, from Xmas!!).  Thankfully it wasn’t the -2°C bitter cold we had on Monday.

I would have liked to have run Tues-Thurs-Sat of this week, but I will have to hold until I can walk any distance without limping.  Need to watch for ‘cascade failures’ – the foot throwing off the knee, which throws off the hip…

But 2014 is under way.  Might be two Color Me Rads in the cards this year.  We’ll see.




2013 Year-End

Last run of the year was Saturday December 28th.  Here’s the grand tally for 2013 :

Made it over the 250km mark.  Happy about that.  Hope to do better in 2014.

34,169 calories burned.  This is an interesting number.  Let’s break that down.  That’s roughly (source) the number of calories from consuming  :

2.76 lbs of pure cane sugar


8.22 lbs of Crisco shortening


19.4 lbs of Froot Loops breakfast cereal*


86.6 liters of Coca-Cola


12 Large-size Pizza Hut BBQ Deluxe pizzas**


39 McDonald’s Big Mac combo meals (Big Mac + medium fries + Diet Coke)***


64 KFC Double-Down sandwiches****


107 A&W Teen Burgers****


143 Mars Bar (52-gram) chocolate bars*****


254 slices of generic-brand grocery store thick-sliced bacon


570 Oreo cookies**


3,645 Pringle chips (original / plain flavour)


* I really don’t do breakfast cereal any more.

** On going gluten-free, this item would not be an option for me.

*** The last time I ate from McDonald’s was November of 2001.

**** I have gone all of 2013 without any fast food / drive-thru.

***** I do like my Mars Bars.

Naturally, of course, this assumes that all energy present in a food source is available to the body, which is not so given variables including digestive efficiency and such.



500/500 Session 1 of 2

Saturday December 28, 2013.  Last run of the year.

Oh Christmas season, how you ruin the best-laid plans to progress.

It is easy to forget that I am running under 14 minutes per session, under the Phase One program.  It feels like a lot of distance, but time-wise, it really is not.

This will be the last run of 2013.  It proves also two things; one, that I need to run more frequently (enough with these 7-10 day gaps) and two, that I need to stretch way more often.

The pacing is really good, and once I got past that first interval, I felt pretty decent.  500m is not 5 minutes of running; the numbers “look” similar but the reality is vastly different.  I was out in daylight, pre-noon, and intentionally chose the same/similar route as taken in my first runs back in February…through a very rural area, hilly (but hilly in my favour), and sparsely populated with runners or walkers.  Did see a guy on my way back home.  He was out for a run, had the pace and movement of a marathoner (or at least, that of those >50 y/o guys who are naught but endurance-machines).  Gave him a thumbs-up, one back in return.  Do so like the camaraderie of strangers running affords.

I expect to see a lot more people out there after January 1st.



400/600 Session 2 of 2

Wednesday December 18, 2013.  Finally caught up with the blog and posting in “real time” !!

Cold one out again.  Not rainy, not windy.  Online weather says it’s -1°C right now, an hour after I finished this session.  A few ice patches out there, but otherwise dry.  Full Moon too, making it easy to navigate the green-space footpath.

Lots of descent in the first Lap; that and eagerness to get moving pushed the pace below 4:00/km.  I did feel sluggish, whether due to the cold; or a gap of 5-6 days since the last session; or having sweatpants on under my running pants and working past the constriction.

Ran the last 600m for a full kilometer effort.  Did 400m run then 600m walk this time; not so cold or unpleasant that I had to minimize my exposure.  Picked up a tactical head scarf aka kufiya aka shemagh and wore that to keep my head warm.  When running I found it uncomfortable to breathe through the fabric so I pulled it down as a scarf and it was nice-toasty-warm.

Definitely need to do the 500/500 session due up next, before year-end.  Then at my option I can do more, or take a break and work on stretching and get back into it in January.



400/600 Session 1 of 2

Thursday December 12, 2013.  Really mining this whole “take it slow” approach.

We had snow last week.  Thursday the 12th was the first day that the roads were clear enough to manage a run.  What show did remain was in piles or wedged into the gutters.  Still, there were places on sidewalks and roadsides where the sun didn’t reach by day so there was still a slick of ice and slush.  Caution was the order of the eve.  One slip could really mess me up.

Not that I seem cautious from the pacing.  For almost two weeks off, and at 400m intervals, put up an effort to be proud of.  As it was icy and cold out, tho a couple degrees above freezing this time, I changed things up.  Normally I walk 500-600m from home and then start the run/walk intervals.

This time, to save time and get home quicker, I reversed the order.  Walked about 50m from home, began the first 600m walk interval, then ran 400m.  Repeated for 4 more rounds.

This way I end on a run, and not far from home, either.  Down side is, to have done 400+600+400m of running (running the last walk interval as before) would have been way too much.  Had to be content with stock-as-RX’d.

Plan to do two more Sessions this year; should be enough to achieve the milestone.



300/700 Session 2 of 2

Running in daylight.  Impossible, right ?  Saturday November 30, 2013.

Pushing up the distance, enjoying the dropping Average Pace numbers.  Grey, cold, rainy today.  Nice day to make you appreciate how it was back in the summer.  Ran the last 700m.

Haven’t used the GymBoss timer for any of these runs.  Obviously, haven’t needed to, being distance-based.  Last couple times I used it, the GymBoss was sketching out on me.  I set it to Vibrate mode to silence it when using it to time the duration of Achilles stretches I was doing.  At a random point in the interval tracking, the vibration seemed to reset the timer to some factory-default – also losing track of what it was keeping track for me.  Maybe I got it wet, maybe I dropped it ?



300/700 Session 1 of 2

Tuesday November 26, 2013.  More rest periods between sessions.  Part of that is smart planning.  Other parts include snow, cold weather, bad weather, and a lot to do at home.

Keeping up with the Anabolic State and the Xpand Extreme Pump.  One or both may be past their “expiry date” if such a thing applies to a product that is not dairy or meat.  The powder is hardening into a solid block; I have to chisel out what I need.  Plan to use up both containers and then consolidate pre-run supplementation to just one or the other when I go back to buy more.  Or I might look into a similar product with a different blend.

Speaking of buying more, I hit GNC during a recent sale and got a new supply of Purple K.  Gold Card stacked with in-store price drop so the box cost me $20-25 less.

This run was chilly, toes frozen (not entirely literally so) but I bundled up better for it.  Really good pace, felt good, ran the last 700m to push up my numbers.  Not far off from a milestone which would be a good cap to the year’s efforts.