Vacation run, 2 of 2

This was a second run, along Eastlake Road in Vernon, BC and into the Ellison Park provincial campground, on July 31st, 2015.  No real level stretches anywhere.  Two large slow-peaks in the graph for Laps 8 and 9; these may have been points where I did a 180° direction change which the Garmin GPS interpreted as a very slow 20-30 sec.  In one of those two Laps I made the mistake of starting to run down a *very* steep hill (leading to a boat launch) and realized I’d have to run back up, and so changed direction.  Even running down that hill wasn’t pleasant.



Vacation run, 1 of 2

This was on Eastlake Road in Vernon, BC on July 28th, 2015.  This road is insanely hilly and this was a rare morning run.  Numbers turned out okay, tho.

The total elevation change (Ascent, and Descent) including the 100m walk intervals, comes in around 425m for each.


A new initiative – Fifteenfor15.

Happy New Year !

Big, ambitious plans for 2015 – including running again.

Here’s an overview of Fifteenfor15.

My intention for the running portion, is to attempt the LearnToRun 10k program again.  I have converted the time intervals to distance intervals based on a 5:30 min/km pace, and I won’t do buildup weeks or repeat any steps again.  Forward we go !

Before that starts, I will do three 5k walks and three 10k walks to loosen up and get prepared.




November 29th, 2014 – foot update.

It has been a while since we last talked.

The specialist appointment with Dr. M was supposed to be October 28th; a scheduled audit at work forced me to move that appointment, to this past Tuesday November 25th as it turned out.

Once I found Dr. M’s office (they moved to a new building two blocks away after I talked to them in September, and they didn’t call to update their address) things went just fine.  We went through my X-rays, bone scan, and CT results.  A piece of the cuboid bone, more than just a 2mm x 6mm fragment, had broken off.  Tip of an iceberg, in a way.  But it sat in an anatomically-correct position, so Dr. M figured it would (or has) migrate(d) back to the bone and calcify over.

Long and the short, no long-term effects to worry about; chance of recurrence is near-zero (yet always possible); and that I can run again if I want.

Might try to walk on a regular basis again in December, get back up to physical-ready shape, and try a slow on-ramp to running again in January of 2015.



August 26th, 2014 – foot update.

Things are looking really good.  Surprisingly good.

No pain since about July 19-20th.  None at all.  Even now it is hard to provoke the pain to see if it is “still there”.  Odd considering what the CT showed on August 12th.

Doc will have me go to a specialist anyways.  On October 28th, a full 2 months and 2 days from now.  To talk about possible long-term effects, I guess.  I hope it won’t be a waste of his time…!


August 25, 2014. Latest news.

Went to the Doc on Aug 22nd.  Foot has been pretty well perfect since after the last appointment and before the CT.  Was ready to call off this whole investigation, as I seem back to 100%.  In that there has been no pain.

Turns out the CT found something.  The stress fracture was more of an actual fracture; the CT showed a 2mm x 6mm piece of bone splintered off the cuboid bone and had been swimming around in the space between that bone and the one in front of it.  Belief is that is has now settled beside, adsorbed onto, and fused to its source.

Doc has made an appointment with a specialist, just to discuss long-term effects.  As I don’t think there’s any sense in trying surgery.

Bought a bike on August 13th.  Going to transition to riding.  What that means for ZeroToRun, I’m not sure yet.  I’ll still go walking, but if I return to running…?